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You can have your favorite painter walking around a museum with you, explaining his/her masterpieces and her/his life.  And even offering to take a selfie with him or her.

As a museum director or manager, you can offer to your visitors a new way to enjoy your collection.  

At ARSVIVA we approach the task of "bringing art to life” with the most profound respect for the work of art, in cooperation with museums curators and in line with the museums educational mission.


Enjoy the Velasquez's masterpiece, 'Las Meninas', explained by the author himself!

Velasquez comes to life, leaves the painting and talks to you about his life and work.

Click on the image to have a full screen version, or use any copy of the painting (here you can find the Museo del Prado high quality, official reproduction), point your device camera and enjoy!

Las Meninas (Android)
Click to download
AR_Museum_v4_2_1.apk (47.54MB)
Las Meninas (Android)
Click to download
AR_Museum_v4_2_1.apk (47.54MB)


Joaquín Sorolla, one of the most beloved Spanish painter of the XX century, will guide you, together with his wife, through his home and atelier, while he reveals you his technique and the secret of his happy life.

And at the end of the tour, take a picture with them and share it on Facebook, Instagram and all your favourite social networks.

And if you want a foretaste of the APP, try it with this picture.

Download the APP by clicking on the icons below (available from March 8th, 2018).